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Top 10 Highest Waterfalls in the World

Waterfalls belong to the world’s most spectacular natural wonders. They form whenever a river or, more typically, a stream flows over a vertical drop. The drop usually occurs on the edge of steep mountains, but can also happen on icebergs or ice shelves. The following

Top 10 Largest Forests in the World

Forests cover around 30% of Earth and at the same time alone host around 80% of all land animals on our planet. Only the world’s oceans are even more friendly to life. Additionally, forests contain an estimated 60,000 different species of trees and plants. This

Top 10 World Cup Goal Scorers of All Time

The FIFA World Cup is not only the most prestigious competition of the world’s most popular sport Football/Soccer, but it is also the most-watched sporting event in the world in general. It’s a tournament that takes place every four years and has been running since

Top 10 Most-Read Newspapers in the World

The concept of newspapers has been around since ancient times. A newspaper informs its readers about current events in all sorts of areas of interest. In newer times of human history, newspapers have traditionally been printed in black ink on white to grey paper. The

Top 10 Largest Tech Companies in the World

The tech industry belongs to one of the highest-earning industries in the world. It combines many fields, all usually based on the use of Information Technology (IT). Many aspects of our daily lives are enabled by modern innovations made by these Tech and IT companies,